Saumur reflecting in the Loire


Discover a castle on the hillside, with a breathtaking view of the Loire. Take a detour to the ENE (national riding school) to meet the sumptuous horses of the Cadre Noir, and why not attend one of its shows, take the time to stroll the streets, on Saturdays discover the market with local producers of all kinds ... Roses, poultry, mushrooms, goat cheese and of course vegetables, asparagus in spring! Visit the essentials: the Château de Brézé, and its underground life, the Abbey of Fontevraud and Aliénor d'Aquitaine ... in short, the visit is a must! Taste the wines of the region: Champigny, Côteau de Layon, Côteau de l'Aubance, Bonezeau, Serrant, Anjou Village ... and many others.
Les Rosiers sur Loire seen from our boat, under the sun on a flood day.

Gennes Val de Loire and Les Rosiers sur Loire

Village on the edge of the Loire, well animated. Marvel throughout the summer at the creations of local artists and artisans: Acomartisan offers ceramics, paintings, jewelry, leather, wood, fabric work ... to admire and why not bring it back in your suitcases. . Just wonderful ! In the evening, after a bucolic walk, dine in one of the restaurants in the village. There is something for all tastes and all budgets. Discover the paintings of "All paintings outside", on the banks of the Loire, organized by the Courant de Loire association. This outdoor painting competition takes you on a journey through imaginary landscapes or not ... admire the paintings that remain on display along the path along the banks of the Loire. Come and discover for yourself.
Loire boat festival in Thoureil in April

Loire Valley

Discover the castles as well known as Chambord or Chenonceau , my favorites, Brézé , Brissac, Azay le Rideau . Stroll through the small villages closest to us: Chênehutte, Trèves, Cunault, Saint Remy la Varenne, my favorite Le Thoureil! I like to have a drink on the terrace "au coin du fleuve" while watching the sun go down after having taken a ride with Alain or Patricia on "Rêve de Loire" or simply watching the Loire boats ... Go down the Loire in canoe? Are you flying for a balloon ride to discover the Loire differently? Take the time, in Anjou, taste the sweetness of Anjou, for even more ideas! Stroll through the troglo villages. The village of Turquant hides in its hillside, some artists and tapped apples! While the village of Rochemenier creates a surprise in the basement. Locate the white and bright tuffeau stone! If you push a little further, towards Doué la Fontaine, you will discover the cathedral cellars in the falun, the giraffes and the aviary of the biopark , and of course the roses !